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Change Your Diet,
Change Your Health!

“Low-Carb Ketogenic diets prevent Alzheimer’s and ADHD – A grain-heavy, high-carb diet causes neurological breakdown and leads to weight gain, diabetes and almost every degenerative disease known to man – Food is medicine, we can actually change our gene expressions with the foods we eat… We can ward off, and in some instances reverse, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes, & ADHD by following gluten-free, low-carb, high-fat diets.”

Dr. David Perimutter,
Author #1 NY Times Bestseller, “Grain Brain”

“Research on ketogenic diets as a therapy has focused on epilepsy for decades, with some recent interest in using these diets as a therapy for brain cancer. But really, they are likely to be helpful against nearly all brain and neurological conditions, and probably all solid tumor cancers and many infectious diseases as well… Rather than waiting for the glacial progress of modern bio-medical research, which needs decades to assemble sufficient evidence to get an application for funding for a clinical trial past skeptical reviewers, anyone with a brain or neurological condition should simply experiment with a ketogenic diet themselves to see if it helps. Odds are it will.”

Paul Jaminet
Perfect Health Diet Website

FINALLY, a Metabolic Diet That
May Reboot Your Body’s Health!

Amazing Diet Breakthrough… You Will Be SHOCKED!

 This is an EXTREME diet that may reboot your body’s health, but it is only extreme in the sense of how your health issues may improve or even reverse. In reality, this low-carb high-fat diet is an EASY diet to follow and to implement…

If you are one of the 70% of Americans who are overweight and headed for health issues, you can reverse the national trend before your health gets compromised…

if you, a friend or a loved one already suffers from the effects of Obesity, Cancer, Brain Tumors, ALS, Alzheimer’s Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, MS, Epilepsy, Cardiovascular Disease, Mental Issues, Acne, even Snoring, or any of the other health afflictions effecting society today, don’t give up. After scouring this website, you will discover that there is still hope…

 What the researchers on this website are simply stating is that these health conditions may be lifestyle-based conditions, meaning they were created, in part, by our bad eating habits. In essence, they may be metabolic based. This also means they may be improved upon or even reversed through changing to healthier eating habits, but for some, you may need to act quickly before it becomes too late…


I live under the premise that, short of our spiritual health, there is NOTHING in life more important than our physical health, but better health first starts with how you take care of yourself. Everything found on this website is placed here with a specific purpose in mind; to help you improve your overall health, therefore, I suggest that you take a step-by-step approach when looking through this entire website so you don’t miss a single word, because hidden within these pages may be the answers you have been looking for. In fact, I’m counting on it…

First; If you haven’t already done so, I ask that you please read the six short quotes located on the right and left sidebars – two on the left side bar and four on top of the right side bar. These six quotes give you a clear understanding of what this website is all about. If you like what you read, hover over the “Get Started” tab and click on “My Story“, reading each page as you go including reading the Disease Tabs from A-Z.

Make sure you read each quote under It’s All About The Mitochondria” on top of the right side bar starting on the “My Story” page, continuing on each page as you go through this website. You will begin to clearly see what each of these diseases may have in common, and how all of this may affect your health.

I also suggest watching all of the videos we have placed inside the VIDEOS tab. These videos contain over 10 hours of research, guidance and suggestions from some of the world’s best doctors, leading PhD researchers, and other health oriented individuals, revealing how to potentially improve your overall health simply by switching over to the Keto Metabolic Diet.

Once you see for yourself the lives that have been dramatically and forever changed, simply by taking action by applying a form of this easy diet to their lives, it may give you hope for how you may be able to dramatically and forever change your health issues.

And finally, our STORE is here to help you replace your bad nutritional habits with much healthier choices. We even cater to our body’s largest organ – our skin – with organic hair, skin & cosmetic products.


You probably realize by now that doing the same thing over and over again with your health gets you nowhere. I know what it’s like to get nowhere with your health and I don’t want that for you either. It gets lonely when you are doing it all alone getting nowhere, doesn’t it?

This website takes all of the guesswork out of health for you. I make what is actually hard to figure out on your own and difficult to adapt to in real life, an EASY diet for you to follow and to implement.

I can hold your hand through this entire process, because I have firsthand experience on how the Keto Metabolic Diet has absolutely transformed my health and my life. This easy diet may offer you the same extreme improvements in your overall that I have experienced.

This is the only site on the internet that has it all laid out right in front of you, and you can have it all at the speed of digital. CLICK HERE, get inside the box and potentially take charge of your health, RIGHT NOW!

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Treat The Cause,
NOT The Symptoms!

“Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar [glucose].”

Dr. Otto H. Warburg – 1924

“Evidence is reviewed supporting a general hypothesis that genomic instability and essentially all hallmarks of cancer, including aerobic glycolysis (Warburg effect), can be linked to impaired mitochondrial function and energy metabolism. A view of cancer as primarily a metabolic disease will impact approaches to cancer management and prevention.”

Dr. Thomas Sayfried & Laura Shelton

“Most people in the cancer field have already determined that cancer is a genetic disease. The question is, is that true or not?” Later, Dr. Seyfried emphatically states, “Cancer is a Metabolic Mitochondrial Disease”.

Dr. Thomas Seyfried, PhD, In a Speech Titled:
“Targeting Energy Metabolism in Brain Cancer”
Presented at the 2nd Annual
Ancestral Health Symposium

“Cancer growth and progression can be managed following a whole body transition from fermentable metabolites, primarily glucose and glutamine, to respiratory metabolites, primarily ketone bodies.”

Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, PhD

Message From The Author…

“Once you have systematically gone through this website, along with watching ALL of the videos, you will quickly realize there is hope for turning your health around; no matter what health affliction you may currently suffer from. The Keto Healing Program offers a SOLID, SIMPLE & EASY plan to follow. I personally find this diet to be very EASY, but it still takes time to adjust. When making such a dramatic lifestyle change, many lack the encouragement one needs to succeed. If you have questions or you need assistance, simply send us an email and we will respond as soon as we can. Better yet, we even offer group or personal one-on-one coaching. In the future we even plan to add a forum where all of our members can gather to talk everything ketogenic. So, if you’re looking to potentially reboot your body’s health, we look forward to having you become part of our Keto Healing Program. Hey, it’s only food. You have everything to gain & nothing to lose. Change your diet, change your health…
Get Started, TODAY!

Trevor Erickson
Founder of Keto Healing Program

Keto Healing Program

Ketogenic Metabolic Diet

Our bodies are the only house we have to live in, if our body gives out, we die, therefore, isn’t it only wise to treat our bodies with the utmost respect? Of course it is, but unfortunately most individuals just take our health for granted and never give it a single thought.

Here is the simplest of questions you need to ask yourself: Do you want to grow old being healthy, happy, active and wise, or do you want to grow old being overweight, sickly, inactive, uncomfortable, and wishing you took better care of yourself? There is no in between answer here, it is either one or the other…

If you choose to be healthy, happy, active and wise, then I propose following the Keto Metabolic lifestyle, at least until you are able to get your health issues back under control. Even then I wouldn’t stop, but at least give your body every chance you can to rebuild itself.

Each person has different reasons for switching to the ketogenic lifestyle. One individual may be fighting Cancer or a Brain Tumor, another may be battling with Epilepsy or Schizophrenia, others may want to simply lose weight, while others may need to attack MS, ALS, Alzheimer’s disease, Type 2 diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, acne, heart disease, autism, or a myriad of other diseases or health afflictions. Each individual may radically benefit from following this simple Metabolic diet.


The Keto Metabolic Diet uses Ketones as an alternative fuel source in the body as opposed to using glucose. Ketone bodies have been found to protect cells in various neurodegenerative diseases, plus ketones are also anti-inflammatory and reduce oxygen free radical damage. Ketones help to capture or neutralize free radical damage, turning our cells into productive molecules once again, or better yet, producing healthy Mitochondria once again.

The Keto Metabolic Diet promotes Glycemic control, minimizing or removing the damage caused by glucose, and instead flushes your cells with needed ketone bodies. By making these simple lifestyle changes to your daily diet, your symptoms may improve, or in many cases reverse your health condition all together, no matter what you may currently suffer from.

The Keto Metabolic Diet is just that, a simple metabolic diet. Eating proper foods, just at the right times, is all we are talking about here, yet the outcome to your overall health could be short of miraculous.

The complete Keto Healing Program, including each specific course & topic, with our Keto Metabolic Software that breakdowns the Glycemic load of over 3,500 foods, along with the fat, protein and carbohydrate content of over 6,500 foods, is the largest list of its kind found anywhere on the internet. Sounds confusing, I know, but not when you have it all laid out right in front of you.

The Keto Metabolic Diet, plus the meal plans and recipes we have gathered, and will continue to compile for your convenience & enjoyment, puts in front of you the best laid out Keto Metabolic Diet plan available, WORLDWIDE! 

Get started right now and perhaps turn your life and health around, just like I did. Become a member of the Keto Healing Program and get started turning your health and life around, TODAY! CLICK HERE and get inside the box!

Glycemic Index / Glycemic Load

Chapter 1: In the Glycemic Index section of the Keto Healing Program, I show you in more depth and in great detail, how to use the Glycemic Index, or better yet how to use the Glycemic Load when following the Keto Metabolic Diet.  My friend who killed his Glioblastoma brain tumor, when he was told he had only 4-months to live, in part, basically followed the Glycemic Load guidelines.

By monitoring both your intake of carbohydrates along with monitoring your Glycemic Load, this may give your body an even better chance at staying in ketosis and fighting off or killing disease.From losing weight; reducing your risk of diabetes; lowering your cholesterol; preventing cancers and other diseases; even killing cancer, the Keto Metabolic Diet addresses the body’s overall health.

The Glycemic Index is linked directly to the sugars in foods and how they are absorbed by our bodies. The Index measures carbohydrates, which are made up of simple or complex sugar molecules. The Glycemic Index then ranks the effects these foods have on our body’s systems.

You will see that by understanding these effects and then adhering to some simple guidelines, you will be able to recognize foods by the Glycemic Load value and then be able to make better food choices. You will also find that many carbohydrates are very beneficial to your health and that you do not have to avoid all carbohydrates. Ketogenics walks a fine line, and we show you how to keep your feet on the right side of that fine line.This is not the next fad diet. Once you finish reading this portion of the Keto Healing Program, you will realize that the Keto Metabolic Diet strives to lead you to a healthier, full and happy life.

In great detail we cover how high and low blood sugar levels effects your overall health. You will understand that by following the Glycemic Load you will be able to not only control diabetes, you will substantially reduce the risk of becoming diabetic, along with discovering how following the Glycemic load may even help you to ward off, and may even improve or reverse other diseases.

Once you become familiar with how the Glycemic Load affects your overall health, and how also monitoring your total fat, carbohydrate and protein intake when following the Keto Metabolic Diet, you will find that by making these better health choices you will be able to control your insulin levels with very little effort on your part.

You must understand that insulin is not just a concern for diabetics. When you’re finished going through the Glycemic Index section of the Keto Healing Program, you will have a much greater understanding of the crucial role insulin plays in all aspects of your overall health and well-being, especially how it affects your weight and how it also may affects your body’s ability to ward off, or even reverse many of the diseases that affect society today.

I know it may sound confusing and a lot of hard work, but the Keto Healing Program has done all of the heavy lifting for you. We have made the Keto Metabolic Diet SIMPLE & EASY to follow. All you have to do is get started and follow along, focusing all of your efforts on getting thinner and getting healthier. CLICK HERE to get started, NOW!

The Keto Healing Program
Motivational Guide

Any Person Who Has Ever Gone on a Diet Knows,
In The Long Run…

What I mean is this; once you go off the diet, the vast majority of you will gain all of your weight back again, plus more! This starts a roller coaster ride with your weight that will last a lifetime. Life doesn’t have to be this way…

If you are tired and want to get off the diet roller coaster, and if you are ready to be successful at losing all of your excess weight for the rest of your life, and being much healthier in the process, then keep reading…

I want you to understand that the Keto Metabolic Diet is not another fad diet. And I want you to know that I won’t hold anything back, either. Sometimes we all need a little tough love, so just know that my only intent is to help wake you up to the importance of getting healthier, OKAY?

There Are Two Approaches You Can Take: Either do a 180 Degree turn like I did and drastically change your life all at once. Or two, gradually slide into it! I know many of you will gradually slide into it, and that’s OKAY. It makes no difference how you do it, what matters is that you do it!

So, are you ready to make changes in your life to help get you thinner and healthier? Then let’s Get To It! 

“Change Needs To Become Part of You,
Part of Who You Want To Become!”

Now that you have finally made the decision to follow the Keto Healing Program, you will find that tweaking your eating habits may be much easier than you ever thought possible. Why? For the following “Three” reasons: 

First, when you finally commit to something, that’s the very first step to becoming successful at it. By obtaining the Keto Healing Program, you are committing to change, and we are all about helping you stick to your commitment.

Second, by requesting the Keto Healing Program you have taken a HUGE step towards rearranging your thinking about health in general. And in my opinion, without rearranging your thinking, you cannot know nor can you understand the reasons for making the change, and without knowing the reasons for making the change, how can you be successful at it?

And the Third reason why changing your lifestyle may be easier than you ever thought possible, is because you will NEVER go hungry EVER again! On fad diets you are deprived, with the Keto Metabolic Diet, you will NEVER be deprived. You can eat all you want as long as you eat the right foods. And then when you splurge once in a while eating your favorite foods, you just need to know when to splurge at the right times.

Weight loss is based on simple science that is very easy to follow. As you follow the proper steps almost immediately you will see changes taking place, both in your mind and in your body, but I think the most exciting aspect of all this will be the day when you wake up one morning and you suddenly realize that you are enjoying each day as if it’s a new day, rather than just another day.

This motivational guide will help get your mind right, so when you start the Keto Metabolic Diet, you will be focused and ready for this diet to potentially reboot your body’s health.

Healthiest Foods To Eat!

In this section of the Keto Healing Program I will share with you the healthiest foods to eat. Obviously, I can’t cover every single food, but I will touch on certain food groups that should open your eyes to the importance of eating healthier. Once you know how healthy this stuff is for you, it should make the Keto Metabolic Diet even easier to follow.

Most people just take food for granted, they eat what’s put in front of them no matter how unhealthy it is. But the key to good health and always looking & feeling your very best, is to be eating foods that rebuilds your Mitochondria.

As an example, most people just blow off vegetables, but each individual vegetable offers unique nutrients that can provide your body with astounding energy, good health, and keep your body resistant to many of the horrible diseases that are running rampant in society today.

Our bodies require a balance of nutrients to help keep it healthy, slim and vibrant well into our older years. Unfortunately most people ignore this. The result is a life cut short, a life where you could have been much healthier – especially in your later years. Or a life where you struggled with health issues for most of your life, even mental issues, not realizing that it all may have been caused from the foods you eat.


Let’s first talk a little about Fruits: Each bite of fruit gives us vitamins & minerals to power our bodies. Fruits are the cleansers of the body, plus they are so tasty. I love fruit, but on the Keto Metabolic Diet you need to be very cognizant of the sugar and carbohydrate count of each fruit you eat, and one of the ways to monitor this is by following the Glycemic Load.

Is your reason for following the Keto Metabolic Diet to kill cancer cells? If yes, then you need to be very careful when monitoring how much fruit you eat. On the other hand, if your desire is to lose weight or to be on a cancer maintenance diet, then sneaking in more fruit on a daily basis will be just fine, as long as you monitor the carb count and glycemic load count of each fruit.

Some fruits have a high sugar content, a high glycemic load rating, and are high in carbohydrates. If you sneak in one of these now and then, always eat them with a very low glycemic load fruit. This will actually lower the glycemic load of the high sugar fruit you are eating.


Be smart about what health issue you are fighting and then act accordingly as to what fruits, if any, you should eat on a daily basis. It should be no problem to throw in a high sugar fruit into your diet once in awhile, so just be smart about it.

The best way to monitor all of this is to test the ketone levels in your blood three times a day, or at least be testing your urine. This will tell you exactly how the sugar content in these fruits are affecting your state of ketosis.

It all goes back to testing. When you keep a journal of what foods tend to bother you, that way you will know how and when is the best time to eat them, or if you should avoid them all together.

In the chapters that follow I give you a breakdown of some of the healthiest foods to eat, plus why & when to eat them. Remember, it’s all about the Mitochondria. When eaten properly and at the right times, these foods will have a tendency to help rebuild your Mitochondria, potentially rebooting your body’s health, and rebooting your body’s health is exactly what the Keto Metabolic Diet is all about.

Don’t wait another moment, CLICK HERE and get started, NOW!

Unhealthiest Foods To Eat!

This portion of the Keto Healing Program talks about the unhealthiest foods to eat. These foods, if eaten daily for extended periods of time, year after year, may cause harm to your body, perhaps irreparable harm.

Obviously, I won’t be able to cover every food, but I will cover certain food groups to give you a general understanding of the harm you may have already inflicted, or may still be inflicting on your body.

By switching to the Keto Metabolic Diet, you have made a conscious decision to follow the most extreme, healthiest diet available today, a diet that may actually have the ability to reboot your body’s health, no matter what you may suffer from.

For our bodies to work optimally, they require a proper balance of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to be able to keep every part of our unique bodily systems operating perfectly. The evidence found on this website is overwhelmingly positive, that the Keto Metabolic Diet supports a healthier Mitochondria and  that a healthier Mitochondria results in a much healthier body.


Most people just take food for granted, not really thinking about if what they eat is healthy or not. This lackluster approach to your diet may cause you to be overweight or obese, or actually cost you years off your life. I want you to know that your life doesn’t have to end this way!

Weight loss is just a natural side effect of the Keto Metabolic Diet. This diet is all about improving the overall health of every single cell in your body, which in turn will lose that unwanted weight in the healthiest of ways.

Once you discover the harm the following foods may cause to your body, you may get angry because of all the lies you have bought into from the unscrupulous food manufacturers and advertisers that promote all this crap. The real hope is that this program gets you more focused on taking action, so you can actually attack your health problems or weight issues head-on. just like I did…

So, let’s dig in and start exploring the unhealthiest foods to eat, and the negative side affects these foods have on your overall health and well-being. “If the Following Doesn’t Scare You Straight, than Nothing Will!”

CLICK HERE to continue…

Daily Success Journal!

I suggest that you use this Daily Success Journal when first starting the Keto Metabolic Diet. It is so important to find and then realize which foods affects you negatively or positively, and of course, monitoring your blood glucose and ketone levels on a regular basis is crucial for getting the optimal benefits from this diet, especially until you get familiar with how your body is reacting on a daily, if not hourly basis.

If you have been a fad dieter in the past, then keeping track of your progress in a Journal should be easy. If you are not used to keeping track of your eating habits, then this will be a little bit of a hassle at first, but just know that by keeping track in the beginning, it really will help you to conquer this diet quickly. Not only that, it actually helps you to understand all aspects of this diet. Once this diet becomes second nature, that is when it will become very easy for you to follow.

Once you get these eating habits down pat, this diet will just become second nature to you, and that is when it will become very easy for you to follow…

Plus, as you change your body’s systems from living off of glucose to living off of ketones, the way your body feels will be a HUGE deciding factor on what you eat. You will simply not want to eat many of the foods you currently eat.

You will find the Daily Success Journal very easy to follow, plus if you include an exercise program to your daily routine you will even have a place to monitor your progress for that too.

You will receive a PDF version of the Daily Success Journal, plus you will also receive an Excel version so you will be able to change the Journal to fit your exact needs.

What are you waiting for? Better health may be at your fingertips. It’s ONLY food! CLICK HERE to get started!

Getting Started 

OKAY, it’s time to get you focused, prepared and organized in the kitchen to help you proceed with changing your diet.

As you settle into the Keto Metabolic Diet, you may need to customize this diet to fit your daily needs: How healthy do you want to get? How thin do you want to be? How important is your health to you, or… are you trying to correct or turn around a nagging health issue, cancer, a brain tumor or any number of other health issues? The answers to these questions will determine how, why and what you eat on a daily basis. This will determine how strict you really need to be on this awesome life changing diet.


It’s all about taking action. Will you do a 180 degree turn and go for it all at once, or will you take a one-step-at-a-time approach? Whichever you choose, we try to help you get focused, to get prepared and to get started.

We also go over how to prepare your kitchen for this change. I know it may sound like a daunting task, but I believe you will quickly realize, just like I did, that this is the easiest diet you will ever experience.

AT the end, we even go over the Four Biggest Mistakes people make when starting this diet. They are simple mistakes to make, but once you become aware of them it will help you to focused on avoiding these missteps!

The Keto Healing Program consists of 7-separate educational modules, plus 6-bonuses, all designed to reeducate you on the importance of taking better care of yourself, according to Ketogenics and the glycemic index. All of this material is designed to help make the Keto Metabolic Diet a breeze to implement.

Get inside the box, CLICK HERE to get access to our Members Area.

You must be a member so access the Meals & Recipes section of the Keto Healing Program.

Please View the Bonuses Below!

Master Cleanser Special Report!

If your diet has been the standard American diet over the years, then chances are your body needs to be detoxed, especially if you have been eating this way for decades. Just imagine what your internal organs and colon must look like!

With the consumption of growth hormones, antibiotics, steroids and all of chemicals you have consume from the unhealthy meats you have eaten, along with the consumption of all of the bad fats and sugars you have digested, together with the consumption of fast foods, processed foods, pre-packaged foods, canned goods, concentrated carbohydrates, soft drinks and bottled fruit juices; common sense reasoning says your body probably needs to be detoxed!

Bacteria and toxins that accumulate in your system over the years can create a feeling of sluggishness and digestive disorders, such as colitis and irritable bowel disorders, or worse yet, you could be slowly poisoning yourself to death.

A variety of ailments may all be avoided if we clean up our diets, and it first starts with cleansing our colons. These are the same disease that the Keto Metabolic Diet addresses. They are…

  • Arthritis
  • Many Cancers
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Fatigue
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Headaches
  • Obesity
  • Pains
  • Skin problems
  • neurological disorders
  • Weak immune systems, just to name a few…

When I decided to change my eating habits almost 40 years ago, the very first step I took was to go on a 10-day colon detox. Was it easy? NO! Was it worth it? YES! In fact, I still cleanse my colon on a regular basis. A few years ago I had my colon scoped and the doctor told me that my colon was “pristine”.

The first time you do this, you need to realize that you are shaking things up in the body for the very first time and you your body is going to rebel. For me, my legs ached for almost the entire 10 days. This was my body’s reaction to eliminating poisons from my body. Everybody’s body will react differently, the point is, it is so important to cleanse the body of these nasty toxins. You will be amazed how good you will feel afterwards!

I know a woman who, just about 6 months ago, did The Master Cleanser Detox for 21 days. She is right now in the middle of doing it again. This time she is only going for 10 days. In fact, every single person I personally know who has performed the Master Cleanser Fast, has done it numerous times. That shows you how awesome this fast really is.

If your health is really important to you, then detoxing your body before you begin is a task that you may want to consider. I highly recommend that you buy Stanley Burroughs original book, “The Master Cleanser.” Get it online or at your local health food store. This short little booklet is full of incredible information that will teach you a lot about your body.

Better health may be right around the corner. CLICK HERE! 

Supercharge Your Fat Loss!

When eating the ways of the Keto Metabolic Diet, your body’s metabolism will eventually adjust. You will enter ketosis and your excess weight will start melting away, but some of you may want to see FASTER results. So here we will talk about how to Supercharge your metabolism so you can lose that weight even FASTER.

You DO NOT need to exercise to lose weight. In fact, you can exercise all you want, but if you have a horrible diet, exercising will not affect your weight one bit. On the other hand, if you are following the Keto Healing Program and you are doing simple exercises to build strength, and if you happen to be one of those individuals who love the cardio burn, even the most out of shape individuals can turn their bodies into fat burning machines.

In Section 1 we will talk more about how to fine-tune the Keto Metabolic Diet to fit your desires, and in Section 2, we get you performing simple exercises that you can do from the comforts of your own home. You will even be able to sculpt your body into the lean mean sexy machine you have always wanted, no matter your current body build.

What’s amazing to me is; “how easy it really is to sculpt your body, and how quickly you can actually get results!” What’s the catch? There is no catch. What you simply need to do is, “take action.”

If you are a guy who wants to bulk up, or you’re a women or a guy who just wants to get lean, fit & sexy, you can do it in only 60-90 days, by only exercising 30-60 minutes a day! We even offer the perfect exercise programs for you to follow, and the best part is everything we offer is, FREE! Hows that?


What is one definition of Insanity? “Doing The Same Ole Thing Over & Over Again and Expecting Different Results”. One of my definitions of reality is; “When You Take Action You Can Expect Different Results”. That is what Supercharge Your Fat Loss Efforts is all about.

What people seem to have a hard time realizing is that conventional fad diets simply don’t work. They will keep you fat for a lifetime, plus they do not rebuild your Mitochondria. If you want to lose weight for a lifetime, you can’t just keep eating the same foods over and over again, and you can’t keep trying diet after diet, repeating the same processes over and over again and expect to achieve positive results. That is INSANITY! You need to change what you are doing, and that is what the Keto Metabolic Diet is all about.

Once you leave your old ways behind and you start eating the ways of the Keto Metabolic Diet, and you add exercise to your daily routine, you will notice a HUGE change in your body, and every quickly. The weight will melt away, slower for some, faster for others (it’s not about how fast, it’s about a steady as you go weight loss approach, until all of the excess weight is gone).

Everyone has different bad habits they first need to overcome. Everybody’s metabolisms are different too, and people’s lifestyles are different. Some are more active than others, age is a factor, your gender is a factor, your current weight will be a factor, and the kinds and amounts of fats, protein, sugars and carbohydrates you eat will be a factor.

I’m sure you know people who seem to eat anything they want and they never gain weight. These folks have fast burning metabolisms. Yet other individuals can have a cup of ice cream and gain three pounds. Some of you will have fast metabolisms, while others will have very slow metabolisms, and still others will be somewhere in between. All this needs to be taken into account, BUT…


Just throw the diet mindset out the window. Dieting is INSANE thinking! The Keto Metabolic Diet is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change, and this change will teach you how to properly eat for better health for the rest of your life. Weight loss will just become a natural side effect of that action. Supercharge Your Fat Loss Efforts shows you how to speed up the fat burning process even FASTER… CLICK HERE!

Natural Herbal Cures!

According to the American Medical Association Journal, well over 100,000 Americans die in hospitals every year due to side effects from regularly prescribed medications. Throughout America, a huge amount of medication is prescribed on a daily basis, yet the medical community openly acknowledges that it does not have cures for many of the common diseases today.

Most allopathic medicines have side effects that can range from mild to severe, even deadly. The reason for this is that most of these chemicals have certain toxic properties. This is why there have been so many prescription drugs that have been pulled from the market after enjoying several years of FDA approval and the pharmaceutical companies making billions of dollars of profits in the process.

These business are so profitable that these manufacturers seem to be more concerned with profits and FDA approval, rather than with the overall health of the patients.

This is one reason why some doctors are now beginning to recommend complementary alternative treatments, like herbal therapies and other natural medicines.


The total amount of annual profits made by pharmaceutical companies through sales of drugs in the United States is staggering. We believe that all aspects of health should be observed. Herbal medicine has been playing a major role in health for Centuries and should be looked at today.

The point is that prevention always was and always will be better than any cure. One of my favorite phrases is “It is much easier to stay healthy, than it is to get healthy.” The advantage of herbal remedies is that they move an individual towards a lifestyle geared more toward prevention and cure in the early stages of any affliction.

Pharmaceutical drugs are prescribed only after the problem has development, they do not try to prevent problems. This is where herbal remedies leave the mainstream drugs behind. This is also the reason why so many people are daily turning to herbal therapies.

Herbal remedies treat the cause of the disease and not the symptoms (like conventional drugs). Herbal remedies also have much less side effects. The Keto Healing Program and the Keto Metabolic Diet is all about treating the cause with diet, not the symptoms with drugs. We feel that herbal remedies should also be considered.

Herbal Cures gives you a good overview of Herbs and how they might be introduced into your diet. CLICK HERE to keep reading…

Stay Young at Any Age

I know the struggles many people face when it comes to weight and health issues. It may seem like a daunting task, the fear of failure or the fear of change can scare anyone, but losing weight and getting healthier does not have to be hard.

When you finally realize that changing a few things in your life will produce such dramatic results, all of a sudden a whole new world will open up to you.

Positive change empowers people, and once you see the pounds melting away or you start feeling better, you will see the light shinning bright at the end of the tunnel, in fact, you just may start running towards it.

There are a lot of positive aspects of keeping the body young, but staying young is a mindset. It starts with staying healthy, being active, and then enjoying life to the fullest.

I’m talking about staying young at any age. I know 30 year olds who already look and act like they’re over the hill. Then I know 60 year olds that defy aging. So what is the secret to keeping the body young, at any age?


The aging process is not always a pretty sight. It causes changes that affect you internally as well as externally. The two parts of the body that are visually most noticeable are the hair and skin, but you can also feel a difference within your organs, cells and tissues.

As the cells in your organs and tissues die off, your body will not reproduce new cells as quickly. Your bones, muscles and skin began to lose elasticity; the cell membranes lose their ability to retain oxygen and start releasing carbon dioxide, and therefore your body’s ability to function starts slowing. It’s just part of the aging process.

Some people can start noticing the aging process take effect as early as 30-40 years old, while others may not notice it until 60’s or 70’s. It has a lot to do with how well you took care of your body all throughout your life.

Did you know that some medications you take may actually contribute to aging prematurely? Yeah, it’s true! Those who take many medications may want to get different opinions from other doctors, and definitely get started with the Keto Metabolic Diet..

Exhibiting the rigors of stress can play a part in aging. The strain that you exert on your mind and your body can actually speed up the aging process and if you started smoking, drinking or using illegal drugs when you were young, and you kept it up until late adulthood, you will definitely show the rigors of aging sooner than most. Your liver and kidneys just take a beating if you live hard. The result will be a worn out body before it’s time.

If you want to stay young for as long as you can, it is imperative that you do the right things at a younger age, keeping your body healthy and vibrant, hindering the aging process, but no matter what your current age, there is no better time than RIGHT NOW to start living healthier.

Mastering Your METABOLISM

You have heard the term metabolism, but what is it anyway? By the time you finish reading this book, you will not only know what it is, you will know how to keep it fired-up for optimal weight loss and better health for the rest of your life.

Metabolism, in its most basic sense, is the body’s conversion of calories from the foods you eat, creating a series of chemical reactions that takes place in this process that keeps the body alive. In essence, if your heart stops beating, you die. Likewise, if your metabolism stops functioning, you die – because without metabolism, you will not have the energy needed to keep your heart beating!


First, let’s start with the act of eating: As you chew and swallow your food, the food makes its way down to your digestive tract. Digestive enzymes then break down your foods – carbohydrates to glucose, fats into fatty acids or ketones, and protein into amino acids. After the nutrients are effectively broken down, they are absorbed by the bloodstream and are carried to ALL of your cells. Other enzymes, plus hormones, then work together, to either convert these nutrients into cells or building blocks for tissues, or release them as an energy supply for the body’s immediate use.


There are two basic metabolic processes – one is constructive (Anabolism), and is responsible for building and storing energy in the body for future use, while the other is destructive (Catabolism), though in a positive sense, as it breaks down nutrient molecules to release the energy that your body needs to function.

Anabolism promotes the growth of new cells, the maintenance and repair of tissues, and the storage of energy – usually through body fat for future use. Small nutrient molecules are converted into larger molecules of protein, carbohydrates and fat.

Catabolism is responsible for immediately providing the body energy to use. Instead of building up, it breaks down the nutrient molecules to release energy. These two processes do not occur simultaneously, but are balanced by the body.

Catabolism Has Three Components:

Basal Metabolism, Physical Movement and the Thermic Effect of Food: All of this, and much, much more will be discussed in this E-Book. CLICK HERE to receive the complete Keto Healing Program.

Lose 21 Pounds in 21 Days

Did you know that research shows it takes 21 days to create a new habit? This e-book is the perfect tool to get you on the right track for following the Keto Metabolic Diet. After the 21 day period is over and you have learned a new response, creating a new habits for yourself and resulting in losing a substantial amount of weight, then just follow it up with the Keto Metabolic Diet.

Perhaps you have tried to lose weight by staving yourself for long periods of time by following some nasty fad diet? Sure you will lose weight, but when you go off the diet, you will gain all of the weight back again, plus more!

Perhaps you’ve seen ads for “magic pills” that cost a fortune and promise to melt off your excess pounds without any effort on your part. Save Your Money! There’s only one way to lose weight and to keep it off: You Have To Change What You Are Doing!

There are no “big secrets” to losing weight, but you do need to have the right mindset for it. In other words, your desire to lose weight has to be stronger than your desire to eat anything you want.


“Which Is Stronger, Your URGE To Grow (or in this case your urge to lose weight and get healthier), OR… Your Resistance To Change?” With the RIGHT mindset, you can do anything!

Most people simply gain about 4-5 pounds per year. It may not sound like much, but over 10 years you’re now 40-50 pounds overweight, assuming that you were of normal weight when the weight gain started.

For me, I gained 40 pounds in 5 short years, but not only that, I was unhealthy too. I found myself eating more junk foods, exercising less, I started smoking, and before I knew it, I was a mess!

But that wasn’t all! Twice in one year I came down with Pneumonia, about 6 months apart. Hospitalized for 10 days the first time; my hair fell out because of a 104 temperature that lingered for days. I knew that I had to change my ways or I was going to live a shortened life, and that just wasn’t an option for me.

Before you read this E-book, you should understand that the methods I am recommending to lose 21 pounds in 21 days are meant to be a jumpstart for the Keto Metabolic Diet.

Weight loss really is easy to master… I lost all of my excess weight and have kept it off for over 40 years.

Get Started Today!

Life or Death?

To be frank, in some cases the benefits of following the Keto Metabolic Diet could mean the difference between life or death. Your body is the only house you have, why then would you not want to keep it as health as you possibly can, for as long as you possibly can?

If you haven’t already done so, CLICK HERE to get access to the Keto Healing Program. There is no better time than RIGHT NOW to get your body back on the path towards Metabolic Excellence & Optimal Health.

(In the 2nd photo above, Clayton Strider celebrated his 100th birthday on a tandem skydive with Dan Aukstikalnis at Start Skydiving.